Ball and Check Valves


Activated Carbon


FRP and SS
Pressure Vessels


Mechanical Filtration


MF/UF/MBR Membrane


Packaged Water
Treatment Equipment


Water Treatment





Ion Exchange Resin




High-Quality Water Softening and Deionizing Ion Exchange Resin Products ......



Activated Carbon




High-Quality Activated Carbon Products for Water And Air Purification Applications ......



Mechanical Filtration Equipment




Disc-Filter Pre-Filtration Equipment and Cartridge and Bag Filter Equipment......



Packaged Water Treatment Eguipmen




Treatment Systems, Components, and Auxiliaries - Strictly to YOUR Spec!



Comercial & Consumer Systems and Products




Data Destruction Equipment, Remote–Controlled Central HVAC Duct Cleaning System, and Indoor Sports & Fitness Training /Entertaining Systems


Ball And Check Valves




High-Quality Industrial Grade Stainless Steel Ball Valves, Check Valves, Gate Valves ......



FRP and SS Pressure Vessels




High-Quality Pressure Vessels for Durable Water Treatment System OEM's and ......



MF/UF Membrane Modules




High-Quality MF/UF and MBR Membranes for OEM's and Replacement Elements for End Users ......



Water Treatment Chemicals




High-Quality Concentrate Water Treatment Chemical Products ......




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