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Activated Carbon Products for Water and Air Purification Applications:

General Technologies is proud to supply the following high-quality activated carbon products manufacturered in China and South Korea (Left-click to view, right-click to download the following files to you hard-drive for better viewing):

General Technologies Liquid Application Product Specs: Click Here

General Technologies Gas/Vapor Application Product Specs: Click Here

(These are documents with Chinese/English side-by-side)

Impregnated Activated Carbon and Catalyst (page 1)

Impregnated Activated Carbon and Catalyst (page 2)

Cylindrical (and larger size) Activated Carbon

Granular & Powdered Activated Carbon

Additional Technical Information for Activated Carbon Products

We also supply coconut shell based activated carbon:

Technical Data for Coconut Shell Based Activated Carbon Products

Technical Terminologies for Activated Carbon

We offer high-quality activated carbon products that are comparable in quality to US-manufactured products for the same applications, but with very competitive prices compared to the equivalent US products.




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